Network Cabling


Network cabling are networking hardware used to connect one network device to other network devices or to connect two or more computers to share printers, scanners etc.

In addition, network cabling refers to the direct connection between devices such as the switch to the server, the server to the storage. This network cabling method is low-delay and other benefits. But because of its high cost and maintenance costs. It is only applied in some special areas of the data centre.

Since, the structured cabling system is a telecommunications cabling system that supports any user-selected voice, data, and graphics application. The system should be able to support voice, graphics, images, data multimedia, security monitoring, and sensing as well as other information.

Therefore, point-to-point cabling is suitable for the data centre with less equipment and the simple network environment; and structured cabling is open and flexible. No matter how the equipment and the location of each subsystem changes. So, we need to change nothing but only the position of fibre patch cables. It can fully adapt to the development of communications and computer networks, and laid a solid base of lines for the future office automation.

It’s strongly necessary to select a reliable and cost-effective optical network solution provider. In conclusion, we can provide you a set of high-quality fibre optic product.