Managed Servers

What is a Managed Server ?

Managed Servers are a service that includes the hardware, software, and ongoing management of a dedicated server. Call Us to discuss PRO IT managed servers.

Managed Servers (On premise)

PRO IT can offer a range of managed server solutions to meet your IT needs at a fraction of the cost of having full-time staff. Whatever business you’re in, PRO IT can offer, in conjunction with our other products and services, a managed solution for you.

PRO IT can manage your on-site needs from desktop to server and everything in between.

If you need to move your mission-critical services to a secure, highly-available and flexible platform, PRO IT can be there to manage that solution.

Managed Server Solutions (Hosted)

Some hosting solutions require the horsepower and flexibility of their own hardware. PRO IT’s Managed Server products give our clients the advantages of dedicated hosting without the high support overheads that normally associated with having an in-house server.

PRO IT’s managed servers can be available in any number of ways, from fully supplied to customer supplied, colocated with PRO IT or housed at the customer site. We cater to your every need and will build a custom solution based solely on your requirements.

We also offer virtualisation for clients with multiple server needs. This has the ultimate in flexibility and little to no down-time when your needs change.

PRO IT can manage all your Software and Hardware Issues and ensure your servers are safe, reliable and online.


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