Managed Security & Mobile devices bring new security challenges with your employees using a greater range than ever before for a variety of functions and uses.

Your challenge is to ensure your business is not at risk by not identifying any vulnerabilities.
These challenges may be based around Cloud security, Converging technology or a variety of other areas of your business.

PRO IT can protect your systems and business data integrity by conducting a Vulnerability Assessment, identifying any weaknesses or potential attack vectors.

We also audit your IT system assets. This combined with Vulnerability Assessment will give full visibility to any risk to your business integrity.

PRO IT will then recommend the correct overall strategy in relation to security architecture’s and an overall solution benefiting your corporate environment.

How it works

PRO IT recognizes the threats and risk to your infrastructure that the benefits of a growing mobile workforce brings to business.

To address these threats we have a wide and cohesive range of network security products and experience enabling perimeter protection and improvement of your network integrity and visibility, to name a few.

Identifying threats and risk is a key factor in network protection and capturing sometime elusive threats or risk via a Vulnerability assessment is a PRO IT core service.

Vulnerability Assessments

PRO IT commonly conduct vulnerability assessments annually for clients providing a report to you identifying risk, threats that maybe found and recommended solutions or strategies providing our customers with choices that fit operational budgets.

With changing work practices and converging technologies we recommend vulnerability assessments to be run annually once the initial assessment is completed and any corrective action is put in place by PRO IT.

The aim of a vulnerability assessment is to not only give you peace of mind your organization meets any regulatory requirements but also audit and prioritise corrective actions that maybe required from time to time.

Penetration Testing

PRO IT can further provide Penetration Testing to further test your network defence systems and provide peace of mind.

This testing involves simulated attacks to test network security protocols and detect any vulnerabilities that may exist. Reporting combined with effective strategies will be provided to your business.

What does Penetration Testing involve?

PRO IT run simulated attacks and test on random, various or entire networks including wireless, web and more traditional entry points. This is a simulated but proactive assault on your network vulnerabilities to robustly test entry points.

We then review and evaluate the performance of security barriers to ensure we identify and any possible intrusion points and make any necessary recommendations on corrective action to protect your network.

The process may also give insight into areas such the extent a network attacker gains access and what information is exposed to any intruder.

We can also test vulnerabilities in any website and/or applications that an attacker may gain access via these sources to your internal systems.


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