Managed Network

PRO IT can substantially reduce your reliance on your internal Human Resources offering strong support in relation to Server and assisting Desktop users and IT management.

What is a Managed Network ?

A managed network is a type of communication network that is built, operated, secured and managed by a third-party service provider.
A managed network is an outsourced network that provides some or all the network solutions required by an organisation.

This service is delivered as a cloud infrastructure service or installed and managed in-house by the service provider.


How it works
We provide 24x7 support to your business for all server and desktop management requirements.

Active monitoring by PRO IT service platforms allows real time supervision of server and desktop infrastructure at all times.

We respond in agreed timeframes to resolve any issues which is mostly seamless to the client.

The active monitoring includes all security and application patching of servers and other related infrastructure with reporting.

PRO IT offers a completely flexible and scalable solution in terms of equipment procurement, all support types and monitoring requirements that can adapt and grow to meet your future needs.

PRO IT use the latest Managed Service Platforms to monitor your network 24x7 and our qualified Technical Engineers respond to any issues in a seamless manner.


Business Benefits
Operating since 1999 we are confident we possess the technical know-how and access to the latest solutions to secure your network.

Our cost effective solution can cover the basic and critical IT activities, freeing up your resources to work on more strategic tasks
PRO IT can deliver periodic reports on Network and System security and operational reliability as agreed or required.

Reporting can be designed to deliver the information you require for both operation and compliance requirements