PRO IT Managed IT Services arrangement can be used to provide cost effective IT resources where the client manages day-to-day work activity and where PRO IT looks after the IT resources, technical training, boost internal capability, professional development and overall resource management.

In addition PRO IT can  be used to provide a complete outsourced IT service.

Understanding that each business operates differently rather than the provision of inflexible package services, PRO IT managed IT services  develops customer oriented personalised models that is highly workable, giving you more option to choose relevant IT components to manage smartly or alternatively giving you an option to source it us.

This allows us to customise the best solution to what exactly meets your requirements.

  • We operate a highly dedicated service team model for substantial level of service. Your support requests are carefully tackled by a competent dedicated team of engineers and service desk agents.
  • PRO IT believes in high level of transparency and accountability for our valued services and ensure to provide monthly meeting minutes, performance reports and score cards, accessible through an online client portal, specifically designed for you.
  • PRO IT Services Australia Wide Locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, ACT, Perth and international regions such as New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Malaysia.
Managed Servers

server management

PRO IT can offer a range of managed server solutions to meet your IT needs at a fraction of the cost of having full-time staff. Whatever business you’re in, PRO IT can offer, in conjunction with our other products and services, a managed solution for you.

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Managed Security

manage It security

PRO IT can protect your systems and business data integrity by conducting a Vulnerability Assessment, identifying any weaknesses or potential attack vectors.

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Managed Network

network management

Active monitoring by PRO IT service platforms allows real time supervision of server and desktop infrastructure at all times. We respond in agreed timeframes to resolve any issues which is mostly seamless to the client.

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Managed Colocation

colocation services

PRO IT’s Managed Colocation service complements and adds value to a Data Centre’s basic colocation package by providing on-site technical support, ensuring that your colocated IT and telecommunications infrastructure runs smoothly.

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