IT Support with PRO IT has been founded on the IT Services division. Servicing and supporting our client’s needs is one of our core strengths. Our Services are based around our customers, allowing them to get the most out of their investment in IT.

We achieve this by ensuring that our client’s investment in technology and core business applications runs the way it should. PRO IT customers should never need to worry about IT, as we take the time to understand the unique requirements of our customer’s business. Steps are then taken to ensure their IT infrastructure is fully capable of supporting immediate and future requirements.

PRO IT can deliver services in the following manner:

Fixed Cost Support
A PRO IT Support Agreement represents a commitment to building a longer term, more strategic business relationship with PRO IT. This allows PRO IT to take more responsibility for a client’s current IT stability and reliability; and for ensuring a client is aware of suitable technology trends and advancements that may be of advantage. Read More …
Casual Support

PRO IT Casual Support arrangements allow a client who requires infrequent access to IT support to schedule and pay for support as-they-go.

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Pre Paid Support

PRO IT Prepaid Support giving you the flexibility to have ad hoc IT Call out services. Our Rates are affordable and our services offered will still be offered with 24×7 Support and high priority.  These support package is suitable for most small businesses or medium sized businesses who already have a newly correctly built IT infrastructure.

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IT Outsourcing

PRO IT has been providing outsourcing solutions to small and medium business since 1999.

PRO IT’s internal technology analysts, solution architects and system engineers can offer you comprehensive, planned networking solutions while providing a single point of contact for all support issues that may arise during the life of an IT Investment.

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Below are some of the tasks our customers with Support Agreements can expect from the PRO IT team:

  • 24x7 Helpdesk support via the PRO IT Customer Service Centre
  • Prioritised Support with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Remote monitoring and support of key IT infrastructure
  • Responsive support escalation via the Customer Service Manager and/or Account Manager
  • Onsite or Remote support on a scheduled basis to perform preventative maintenance and resolve any system faults and non-urgent requests
  • Multiple allocated support engineers to ensure continuity of service and knowledge of the site through times of annual leave and sick leave.
  • Monthly statement of activity
  • Regular IT Assessments of the networks performance and ongoing suitability to support the business