PRO IT provides a business only solution acknowledging new threats, risk and possible assaults on your IT systems can threaten your business in a multitude of ways.

We protect your business Intellectual Property keeping file servers safe and secure.
PRO IT delivers industry robust range of Anti-Virus protections for your server infrastructure and monitors and maintains patches and other security issues with no drain on your internal resources.
Our solution is award winning and affordable. Call PRO IT for more information.

PRO IT’s range of award winning anti-virus solutions prevent the spread of viruses, worms and Trojans in your business network.


PRO IT provides a 2014 multi award winning Firewall solution which is convenient and powerful technology for your organisation to leverage from to ensure security while offering flexibility and scalability allowing for business growth.

How it Works

The PRO IT Firewall solution offers a well-rounded protection against threats such as spyware, malware, and virus protection.
Our solution has won many awards. Find out more by contacting PRO IT.

Business Benefits
  • 24x7 protection of all users
  • Easy to implement and monitor
  • Reduced threat levels
  • Protects your Intellectual Property
  • Reporting available


PRO IT provide active monitoring of Network security such as Firewalls and other Network infrastructure to ensure prompt corrective action is undertaken to protect your business information should an intrusion threat be identified.
We provide a number of solutions to remotely monitor your network to protect against Network Breach, Break In and intrusion attempts by unauthorised parties.
PRO IT also monitor systems to ensure optimum performance of resources to help eliminate low performance in CPU, RAM, Disk Latency and low Disk space as examples.
Not only do we remotely monitor your network but we also can provide automated active solutions to take corrective action to prevent intrusion, isolate threats such as viruses etc 24x7.

How it Works

PRO IT monitor your Network providing a at all times alert if an intrusion attempt is made by an unauthorised party.

Alerts/Alarms are sent when an unauthorised intrusion attempt is detected and the threat is either automatically stopped and further intrusion prevented or remote intervention is undertaken by a PRO IT technician.

PRO IT also monitors your network Firewall for all threats to security such as break in and multiple log in attempts.

PRO IT have many ways to counteract these threats inclusive of remote access, hands on and automated solutions that protect your business 24x7.

Business Benefits
  • 24 7 Auto & remote monitoring for Breach/Break in, multiple login (Hacking) attempts.
  • Auto Alerts on PC vulnerabilities and low performance of Disk, CPU, RAM and much more.
  • Contact PRO IT to find out how we can protect your business
  • Application protection (SharePoint/SQL/Exchange)


With ever expanding technologies and devices PRO IT recognises the need to be your business partner and assist you identify how to improve security and protection around your web based applications
We aim to provide solutions to provide you scope to not only respond to customer growth needs but to also be able to more accurately forecast your IT budget.

How it Works

PRO IT assesses your network, systems and business strategies and from these then identify the areas that may require expansion, new hardware, and software or storage capacity as examples.
This includes assessment of current and future Bandwidth requirements inclusive of your business site and any Datacentres used to more effectively deliver your business applications to customers into the future.

We also explore all licensing and infrastructure needs for the foreseeable future combined with your storage capacities and make recommendation as needed from time to time.

Business Benefits
  • Ability to continuously respond to customer demands.
  • Ensure business continuity in a growing online environment
  • Projects your business in a positive professional manner.
  • Protects your business from stagnating.