Network Security

Our security portfolio covers network visibility, perimeter protection and application level attacks.

How it works

PRO IT provides a range of solutions increasing network security and visibility. We providing perimeter protection to your network and systems.

We also provide intranet security and protecting from application level attacks.

PRO IT’s Intrusion Protection, Centralised Firewall and DC level security Software provides your business the protection you expect.

For a network security assessment to identify the threats and risk existing in your business contact PRO IT.

Penetration Testing

To effectively evaluate your IT security weakness PRO IT undertake Penetration testing to detect, record and report any corrective actions to ensure your network is secure.
For premium results PRO IT recommends Penetration testing should be scheduled on regular bases to ensure continued security.

How it Works

Regular and systematic testing is conducted by qualified technicians who virtually attack your infrastructure to detect entry weak points, threats and risk.
PRO IT then complete an analysis of the results and then provide a comprehensive report with recommendations of any corrective actions.

Business Benefits
  • Financial and/or intellectual property loss prevention.
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Compliance risk and threats analysis

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Vulnerability Assessment

PRO IT conduct Vulnerability Assessments to identify possible system vulnerabilities such as missing Patches, open attack vectors and entry points.

We recommend regular scheduled Vulnerability Assessments are conducted to ensure a secure environment.

Following a Vulnerability Assessment PRO IT analysis the information and provide a detailed report of risk, threats and any other issues found. We also provide recommendations of corrective actions to ensure your network security.

How it Works

PRO IT complete testing and assessments of your network assets including mobile devices to identify al risk and ensure all equipment is updated with correct security patches for example.

Once completed the information gained during the Assessment is reviewed and findings and recommendations are reported back to you.

PRO IT offer a full range of security services designed to protect your business, contact us to find out more.

PRO IT provides a wide range of award winning industry strength hardware, software and high level expertise to protect your business against your business network and internet breaches and ensure your Intellectual Property and core business function remain untouched.

Risk & Threat Analysis

PRO IT conducts an analysis capturing risk, vulnerability and threats from internal and external sources. An example of a risk would be an employee introducing a USB drive without virus scanning into the business environment.

The analysis will identify any risk or threats, PRO IT will provide a report to the business with a recommended strategy and any corrective action and time frames for consideration.

PRO IT can also advise on how to achieve any business goals in relation to improve security monitoring and system policies etc.

Call PRO IT to gain a better understanding of how we can help you.

Business Benefits

Identifies network security weakness and risk to your business IP 24x7 protection of all users
Provides analysis and planning opportunities to improve network security.

Once corrective measure implemented your business is better protected


PRO IT can provide a reporting service on your network to give you a better understanding of Network performance, Risk and threats and identify how to get the most out of you IT infrastructure.

How It Works

We provide a wide selection of reports drawing upon Penetration & Vulnerability testing, system performance monitoring, and user availability and user activity as examples.

Reports frequency can be customised depending on the customer need.

Business Benefits
  • Improved visibility to risk and threats.
  • Improved Human Resource visibility leading improved deployment of those resources.
  • Identify equipment end of life cycle.
  • Improved visibility to future server limitations/capacity.
  • Improved IT infrastructure budgeting/planning.