PRO IT recognise that assisting with the moderation of bandwidth can reduce your online connectivity cost and further enhance security.

We offer a range of solutions designed to monitor internal and external online activity in a simple manner backed by reporting.

How it Works

PRO IT are able to deliver various levels of monitoring and protection for websites and applications to ensure network security.

Internal user’s web browsing, can be monitored, restricted, withdrawn and reported on easily.
Some examples of internal restrictions are to restrict Social Media browsing to outside business hours, limit viewing to a predefined time frames, block and/or restrict business/non business and sites which are Healthy or Non Healthy as per company policy.

Individual website and website content can also be throttled as predetermined by the business.

Business Benefits
  • Increased network security achieved via blocking web threats.
  • Undesirable content can be managed to conform to business policy.
  • Increased productivity by reduced unauthorised staff web browsing.
  • Remote monitoring means no drain on internal IT resources.
  • Full business independent reporting capabilities.