PRO IT recognises the requirement for your business to be secure at all times in turn providing peace of mind to the business stakeholders and your businesses customers. We do this via a strategic and targeted approach involving testing and analytics of your IT networks and systems identifying any vulnerabilities and weaknesses such as entry points for unauthorised persons. PRO IT also provide totally independent assessment of your networks, desktops and all systems to ensure you are protected in the best possible manner.

PRO IT Security testing services include Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment designed to identify Risk and Threats combined with your overall Network performance.

Cloud security measured solutions include ensuring your Email and Internet services are secure and operating at an optimum. We also help with forecasting for future business growth.

Our Managed Endpoint solutions ensure protection of the performance of your desk top PC’s and Network via industry robust Firewalls and Anti-Virus protection.

The PRO IT solution for Internet Filtering and Moderation provides an exceptional mechanism for limiting unauthorised web browsing and even provides the ability to restrict web browsing.

PRO IT’s Server and Infrastructure products provides Anti-Virus and 2014 award winning Firewall solutions further ensures your business continuity and security.

All our IT Security measures are designed to ensure your business systems operates safely and at its premium.

Our solutions and services additionally offer full independent reporting functionality to our clients.

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Cloud Security

manage It security

While Cloud computing provides scalable and flexible on call application and solutions it is essential to ensure your network protection is business robust and able to withstand intrusion from attempted attacks upon your security protocols.

PRO IT provides a wide range of award winning industry strength solutions to protect your business against internet security breaches and ensure your Intellectual Property and core business function remain untouched.

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Desktop Security

PRO IT provides a one stop service in relation to your network and individual desktop PC maintenance requirements.

You remain in full control of your network and endpoint resources with PRO IT remotely monitoring all activity to ensure a secure environment.

This includes award winning anti-virus software keeping your staff and network resource safe while online. Your customer’s information is also secure with PRO IT’s file security management protocols.

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Internet & Content

internet and content security

PRO IT recognise that assisting with the moderation of bandwidth can reduce your online connectivity cost and further enhance security.

We offer a range of solutions designed to monitor internal and external online activity in a simple manner backed by reporting.

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Server & Infrastructure

server and infrastructure

PRO IT manages Server and Infrastructure Security such as

Antivirus, Firewall, Alerts, Forecasting.

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Risk & Threat Assessment

easy management

PRO IT manages services such as Network Security, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment.

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