Private cloud is where PRO IT supply and host your servers which are dedicated to your business to provide you the ultimate independent service in the cloud.

If you are seeking even further cost reductions colocation could be an option for you to consider. We can advise on the best way to do this to ensure your data is secure.

Dedicated Servers are not shared but standalone servers, as the word suggest dedicated to your business and only your business.

You may have compliance requirements or just want an increased sense of peace of mind your data is safe, regardless of the reason PRO IT has a solution for you.

Today, shared cloud servers are also secure and pose limited to no risk to business security. This type of hosting may however provide a cheaper solution than dedicated hosting options and may suit smaller businesses with a lesser “Sever footprint”.

Servers are supported 24 x 7 x 365 by the PRO IT Global NOC and Helpdesk should the need arise and all ongoing maintenance including security updates, patches etc. are also part of the service. The infrastructure are monitored with alerting technology to ensure constant and seamless performance and uptime.


There are numerous benefits to Hosted cloud and Private Cloud Solution when compared to in house hosted servers.

All maintenance is completed on schedule regardless of employee holidays and other type of leave entitlements.

Often with Hosted solution you no longer require onsite IT resources or dedicated floor space for server rooms for example.  This provides significant cost reductions in electricity, cooling and also less commercial space is physically required which can be used for other purposes.