What is the Private Cloud?

Private Cloud or also known as On-Premises as-a-Service is a storage mechanism that stores an organisations data in it’s designated in house servers for those that require that facility.

On-Premises as-a-Service and the Private Cloud

The Flexibility of the Cloud in Your Data Center wiith Zadara Storage

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud without having to migrate your applications and services.

For many organizations, maintaining in-house infrastructure and data management is crucial.


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How it works

With On-Premises as-a-Service (OPaaS) you can take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and pure OpEx benefits of the cloud with the security and control of your onsite location.

On-Premises Private Cloud evolves enterprise storage from traditional, rigid, purchased or leased hardware, software, and services into a pay-as-you-go, fully managed, on-site service with predictable, pure operating expenses. It eliminates the need to invest capital into enterprise storage infrastructure and delivers cloud-scale capacity and performance with enterprise SAN and NAS functionality at ever-declining, subscription-based pricing.