Hosted SharePoint is a well-established collaborative platform providing your business the opportunity to share and involve employees, customers, business partners a variety of information, services or web interactions.
Anything from document management, file sharing, blogs and much, much more is achievable.

How Hosted SharePoint works

SharePoint is a Business robust application that has abundant uses in business from SME to large Enterprise organisation.

SharePoint portals have many uses from document control, file sharing internal staff and external customer intranet sites, Social media much more.
Hosted SharePoint makes collaboration among all parties very simple with increased security and accessibility for external users.

PRO IT can provide private and cloud hosting of SharePoint in our Data Centre to ensure a secure environment that is fully supported 24x7 by our qualified engineers.

SharePoint being hosted on your behalf allows for excellent security for each keystroke and protects your internal infrastructure as all security and patch updates are maintained remotely.

Business Benefits

If you are not currently using SharePoint, then there are many benefits to your organisation to consider which include Document Control, collaborative work groups, internal intranet portals, information centre for company rates, brochures, company announcements, storage and more.

  • Increased per entry or keystroke security and an audit trail of updates, transactions, new content of any type and instant access to remote users.
  • Storage capacity is increased for internal and remote users including customer interactions.
  • Device access, access the portal on any in office or mobile device capable of internet connectivity
  • Create Presentations, documents, spreadsheets and be able to access them from anywhere with an internet connection on any device.
  • SharePoint is access level controlled so you decided who can contribute to various page or limit access to users as required.
  • SharePoint is hosted in a secure Data Centre so it is monitored 24x7 and all updates and maintenance requirements are monitored and supported by our qualified engineers in a seamless manner to you.